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Bahrain Customs is evolving and modernizing into a technology centric organization, employing various advanced state of the art technologies for border protection and cargo inspection. The equipment used aids us in the detection of drugs, weapons and other prohibited items, as well as facilitating faster customs clearance.


We use modern scanners (X-ray and Gamma ray) at our border points. They provide an effective, fast and non-intrusive inspection capability. The scanners allow inspection for concealed contraband, smuggled goods and for manifest verification.




Bahrain Customs uses various types of scanners, ranging from large cargo container scanners to smaller scanners for small packages and parcels. The scanners are equipped with the latest image analysis technology providing our officers with an unprecedented capability to find concealed contraband and smuggled goods.



CCTV Surveillance

All border points in Bahrain are monitored using a large Close Circuit Television network. This provides Bahrain Customs with complete situational awareness of operations at all important points. The deployment of CCTV throughout the Air, Land and Sea border points, helps protect Bahrain’s society from unwanted elements and assist in the prevention of criminal and terrorist acts.

All CCTV’s are connected using modern high speed communications links to our operations centre’s which are manned 24/7 by experienced surveillance specialists.

Trace Particle Detectors

Highly sensitive and portable trace particle detectors are used to identify trace particles of explosives and narcotics. The detectors employed by Bahrain Customs are capable of identifying minute trace particles of suspect materials on people, their clothing and any objects they may carry or have been in contact with. The detectors help identify potential threats and help find evidence during carrying out of investigations.

Simply wiping the surface with a special cloth and inserting into the detector is all that is required. The analysis is completed in a matter of seconds, with the results available to customs officers on a computer screen.

The particle detectors are used throughout Bahrain at all border points and mail offices.


The new e-Gate service, saves travelers considerable time and effort in checking in. Using a smart-card and fingerprint identification system, the system provides the option to either go through normal gates or the new electronic gates which save time and effort.

The system can be used by Bahraini passport holders, who can use their Smartcards instead of passports. It provides a fast self-service option to go through passport control. Information contained in the Smartcard is used to carry out immigration and customs checks which are normally carried out by immigration and customs officers.

The e-Gate system is currently available at Bahrain International Airport.