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Who is permitted to clear cargo through customs at any of the customs points through Bahrain?

Any clearing agent who is registered with Customs as an authorized clearing agent and possesses a current clearing agents license may clear goods on behalf of importers/consignees, provided they have the authorization of the importer/consignee.


Any Importer/Consignee whose employee is registered with customs and possesses a valid Customs Clearing license may clear goods on behalf of their company.

What are the regulations regarding the import of printed publications, books and media containing music and video?

You will need to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the Ministry of Information which controls the import of printed and audio visual media. Any item found to contradict Intellectual property rights, traditions, values and morality of the country will be banned and confiscated.

I would like to bring my pet into the country what are the procedures?

If you would like to bring your pet into Bahrain, you will need to ensure that you provide the following when you arrive at the entry point:

  • A No Objection Certificate/Import Permit  from the Quarantine Section of the Ministry of  Municipalities & Agriculture Affairs, which may be obtained by providing the following:
    1. Valid vaccination records
    2. Owners CPR/ID Card, copy of passport with his residence visa
    3. Animal Passport

A valid health certificate from the Country of Origin

What are the duty rates in Bahrain?

The general rate of duty is 5% of the value in CIF (Cost Freight Insurance), except for alcoholic beverages which is 125% and Cigarettes which are 100%.

Certain categories of goods such as paper and aluminium products are subject to 20% duty rate.

I want to bring cigarettes into Bahrain for my own consumption, what are the procedures?

You may only bring in (400) cigarettes in quantity, (50) Cigars, (250) Grams of tobacco in open packet. If you exceed these duty allowances you will be liable for customs duty on the excess quantities. If you are knowingly bringing in excess quantities you must proceed to the Red channel and declare these.

I want to bring in a few bottles of Alcohol for my own consumption, what are the procedures?

You may bring in up to 1 liter of alcoholic liquor and 6 cans of Beer. If you exceed this allowance you are liable to pay customs duty on the excess quantities and must declare these to the Customs officer at the Red channel.

I have medical conditions; can I bring in medicine and drugs prescribed for my condition?

You may bring in medicines and prescriptions for your personal use only. You must present an original prescription from a registered medical practitioner which has been stamped and signed by the relevant medical authority with your details and medical condition. You will also need to ensure that the medicines are in their original packaging and should not have expired.

I have a large quantity of personal jewelry I want to bring in, what are the procedures?

You may bring in personal jewelry up to the value of BD 250/-. If the value of your personal items and jewelry exceed this allowance, you will need to proceed to the Red channel and complete a customs declaration form.

Can I bring in duty free alcohol for my friends?

No, the duty free allowance is for yourself and your personal consumption only.

Where do I find out the HS code classification of a particular item?

You will be able to find out the HS code classification of any particular item using the HS Code feature which you will find on the homepage of this website.

Why can I not import pearls into Bahrain?

Bahrain’s pearl industry is world famous and is also a source of livelihood for many Bahrainis. In order to protect the industry and the livelihood of its citizens, Bahrain does not permit the importation of pearls of any type.

What should I do if I bring a quantity of duty free items such as Cigarettes, Alcohol than the allowed amount?

You will need to declare these at the Red Customs Channel and follow the procedures as instructed by the Customs officer.

How do I get my imported goods cleared?

It will be easier and quicker to use the services of a registered Clearing agent. You will find additional details here . You may alternatively ask any customs officer at the customs point.