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The King Fahd Causeway links Bahrain to Saudi Arabia. This is currently the only land link Bahrain has with the outside world and is a major contributor to increased Inter-Gulf trade. In terms of passenger traffic, it is one of the busiest in the Middle East, with recorded traffic statistics of over 18 million passengers and 8 million vehicles in both directions in 2009.

Bahrain Customs at the causeway is divided into two sections, Cargo Customs section and Passenger Customs section which handle both incoming and outgoing traffic 24 hours a day.



Efficient procedures and the use of the latest X-ray scanning technology for scanning cargo contribute towards the smooth and increased flow of traffic in and out of the customs point. The equipment used is powerful enough to detect hidden contraband as well as drugs and weapons.




All types of cargo comes across the causeway, ranging from consumer goods to Cement, Steel, Building materials and fruits and vegetables. Bahraini Customs officers are trained to efficiently complete the customs formality, from ensuring customs compliance to physical inspection, image analysis and the final release of goods.


Bahrain Customs in coordination with other government agencies ensure the smooth and efficient flow of traffic through the custom point during normal and peak periods. At the same time Bahrain Customs is responsible for ensuring compliance of GCC and national customs regulations.

Given the tremendous volumes of passenger traffic on the causeway, Customs staff are the front line defense against drug smuggling and terrorism.

Smugglers and terrorists use innovative ways to illegally bring in dangerous substances and items into the country. Items are hidden on the individual and in vehicles in places you would not expect. Bahraini Customs officers are trained in the identification of individuals and the places where they hide illegal items.

The use of modern equipment and detectors supplements physical inspections by customs officers and members of the K9 unit.

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